Legitimate Online Jobs

Legitimate Online Jobs

There are many different kinds of work at home jobs and businesses that one could start. Here is one that is easy to do and that could provide a long-term independent income stream. It involves participating in paid online surveys and related market research support work.

Consumer opinion surveys used to be made by mail, at shopping malls and by survey-makers sending out agents who went from door-to-door. Now the faster, cheaper and more efficient Internet is the medium for much of this essential information-gathering activity.

Since the survey makers were no longer getting face-to-face with people in this type of survey, they needed some kind of incentive to attract enough people. They decided to pay those who participate in cash. This gave rise to the term: “paid online surveys”. Paid online surveys are one of the types of legitimate online jobs that one can do from home.

All you need is the ability to turn on your computer , create and send emails, and as well as receive e-mails  for you to participate in best paid survey sites. The only other requirements are that you must be 18 or older and you must be a consumer.  Anyone who buys groceries, gasoline and/or clothing is a consumer, so it is very easy to qualify!

To get your name and contact information on the market researchers’ lists as a survey taker you need to apply to each one separately. That is where it gets a bit complicated.  There are over 700 market research or survey maker organizations solely within the U.S. and more than 3,000 worldwide.

Some of these can be good, not-so-good, bad, some terrible and others are worse.  To know which is which you certainly need some guide.

There are mopre than two hundred paid survey guide companies that maintain lists of who is good to sign up with and who to avoid.  Pick one of these, sign up with them, pay a small fee and they will give you a copy of their list.

The first crucial point here is to choose a good guide company. The one you should be choosing is one which is larger, have been in business for a good period of time and one with strong policy on money-back. The guarantee means that they stand behind their service and promise you satisfaction or your money back.

The best guarantees are for 60-90 days. Moreover, they are those that are backed up by financial companies and banks such as PayPal and as well as ClickBank.

The second crucial point is to consider those with lower rate on refund. This refers to the number of clients who actually wants a refund.  It is an excellent measure of client satisfaction. A low refund rate means many happy clients. Higher refund rates certainly indicates a huge number of unhappy clients.

The third crucial point is that once you have signed-up with a certain guide company and get their list of preferred survey makers, sign up with as many as you can, all or them if at all possible. The companies are those that will send you invitations to take surveys and send you checks for those you complete.

For these companies to invite you to take their surveys, you must provide them with information on how you can be contacted and as well as your demographic information. They get this info from your application. Without your application they can certainly not send you surveys to take. Without surveys to take you cannot make any money!

Open a free and separate e-mail address for your certain paid survey business. Check your in-box at least daily. Be alert and be sure to answer emails from all your correspondence timely.

When invitations to take surveys are received, accept all of them for the moment, later you can high-grade them and accept only those that are high-paying . At first you need to prove that you are there, are real and respond quickly.

Answer all the questions fully and to the best of your ability.  Respond well and promptly and you will receive more and more survey invitations.  Do not worry about answering the questions.  There are no wrong answers or right answers.  They just want to know what you think, how you feel about the subject.  They just want your honest opinion.

The survey makers will be cautious at first, then speed up as they gain confidence in you.  Expect your income from each of the survey maker to grow and to peak in three to six months after filing your application with them.

Just how much money will you make?  It is difficult to guess.  It depends mostly on how hard you work and also with your demographics.  Serious survey-takers report monthly earnings of at about  $200 up to $600.  There are also not so many who reaches $1,000 each month and even more.

When you start work-at-home businesses there is always some work involved.  This type of work-at-home business is easy and convenient.  You can conduct it 100% from home. You pick your own hours, and don’t have to sell anything.

Your income stream from this work will be independent of any other activity. You just spend a few minutes filling out survey questionnaires and then expect your check in the mail.