Legitimate Survey Sites

Legitimate Survey Sites – How do you pick the best paid survey sites?

You will need a good “Guide Company” in order to get good cash flow.  Companies offering legitimate paid surveys vary in types and sizes. Picking a good one is a challenge.  So how do you choose?

Here are a few guidance points to keep in mind in choosing legitimate survey sites:

1. Generally speaking, the “Free” ones are among the very worst that are out there.  Remember “TANSTAAFL!” (There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch!)  If someone is out there on the Net with a website up and advertising you can bet your boots that he is getting paid somehow.

Who’s paying him for advertising the claimed legitimate paid surveys sites? Usually it is the fringe survey-making companies who are too cheap to pay the survey takers and just keep recruiting people to rip-off. They pay the recruiter (read: Free Survey) company to recruit for them. Also it’s one-time spammers and others of that ilk who are trying to be (barely) legit and only send tons of unwanted mail to people who were gullible enough to double opt-in for something like surveys. So you sign up for the claimed legitimate paid surveys companies to be sent surveys to fill out, not realizing that paragraph 38 on page 3 of the Terms and Conditions said that they could permit their ‘customers’ to send you special offers!

2. Look at the size of the Paid Survey company offering legitimate best paid surveys for free or for a fee.  The bigger ones that have been around longer are more stable and can’t/won’t fold their tents and disappear so easily.  Also, they got big by providing a useful service, pointing their clients toward real surveyors who pay in cash.  To continue to grow they need satisfied customers. Moreover, you can also read legitimate best paid surveys review done by someone who have tried the claimed legitimate paid surveys sites.