Surveys for Money

Can One Make a Living by taking Paid Online Surveys for Money?

One can earn money with the help of paid online surveys for money. However, is it enough for self-support? The answers to such question will be a combination of “No, Not Probably and Maybe”. Why? Read the explanation below.

No, Why?

It’s because:

  • The earnings from paid online surveys for money are sometimes variable and other times sporadic. If you are one who eats on scheduled meals you might have to do some adjustments. This is because earnings that come with doing paid online surveys may not be scheduled the same way with your eating habit.
  • To take online surveys for money now requires really hard work if you want to earn up to $1,000 each month. If you want higher income you definitely have to work even harder.

In summary: No, because income from paid surveys for money is not the money you can use to pay scheduled bills and scheduled meals because payment from such surveys can sometimes be delayed and not on time.

Not Probably, Why?

It’s because:

The potential of earning with the help of paid online surveys shall vary considering your demographics. The place you live in and your income can certainly affect the amount of paid online surveys for money offers. If you live in a rural area and have low income there will be fewer survey offers.

Point is, there are more best paid survey sites in areas with more people and with higher incomes. You’re left with two choices. You can live in those areas with higher income requirements and more survey offers or you can live in areas with lower income demand and with less survey offers.

In summary: Probably not, because favorable demographics for high survey income and low cost of living are out of sync. High income areas go with high costs of living and low cost of living areas have low survey income potential.

Maybe, Why and How Is This Possible?

Well… here goes:

  1. To cut out cost of living and use income from paid online surveys for money to help in your needs having your own home will definitely help. If you are not renting a place and have sufficient income reserves for your meals you can definitely lessen your cost of living.
  2. There are still areas where you can live in with low income requirements but with a good amount of survey offers. If you find and settle in such area you can still make good amount of money with surveys.
  3. And if you worked the get paid-to-shop, get paid-to-eat at restaurants, get paid to submit photos, get paid to test computer games, etc. areas well, and thoroughly, to derive maximum income from these,
  4. And if you got yourself a copy of the book, “Champagne Living on a Beer Budget”, to show you how to live well without spending a lot of money, then….

Summary: Maybe, because the controlling factors could be found or arranged so that it could work.

In case you would like to earn extra money aside from the money you earn from your full time job, taking online surveys for money is a good avenue. However, you should avoid online surveys for money scams that have been around the Internet for so long. To avoid picking scams that do not pay and not waste your time you can read on online surveys for money reviews that are available in this site. Specifically, click here for the list of Top Paid Survey Sites that certainly pays!